• Refrigerated storage solutions

  • Refrigerated storage solutions

    Blast freezer

    Gray & Adams commercial blast freezers are heavy duty storage boxes that have the ability to pull down temperature at a rapid rate. Blast Freezers can range from the smallest bodies up to 15.5 metres long by 3 pallets wide.

    They are constructed using robust five-element panels and have the ability to withstand high impact loading traffic guaranteeing a long product life span.

    A number of safety and operating features included as standard are man trapped alarms, temperature warning beacons, fire retardant panels, steels skins or high impact GRP skins, high lumen lighting systems for maximum safe working environments.

    Roofs are constructed at a gradient to allow water to clear the structure in heavy rain and prevent water ingress into panels.

    A range of temperature recording and telematics equipment is available to ensure the goods are handled correctly and remain in the right condition

    Blast freezers are fully portable preventing the need for planning permission and offer a great solution to increasing unit capacity.

    Cold store

    Gray & Adams commercial cold stores are bespoke-designed to suit a diverse range of operations and are available for chilled or frozen applications. Typically, Gray & Adams cold stores are 15 metres long by 3 pallets wide. They are constructed using the same five-element panels that are used in Gray & Adams trailers, which offer complete temperature control, as well as a number of health and safety benefits.

    A number of safety features for operators are included as standard, such as non-slip polyester floors, internal lighting systems and internal door release mechanisms. GRP inner and outer skins ensure non-porous, easily cleaned surfaces and a range of temperature recording equipment is available. Features to increase the functional capabilities of the store are optional, such as shelving and racking or artic curtains to improve temperature control when opening doors.

    Game larder

    Gray & Adams stand-alone game larders are specifically designed for the storage of game for the commercial game supplying industry and are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. As of 1st January 2006, it became a legal requirement for commercial game suppliers to use a larder to store large game at 7℃ or below and small game at 4℃ or below, within a reasonable time after culling.

    Because, in-skin and skinned carcasses must be separated to avoid contamination within the storage area, the larders usually contain two compartments, consisting of a preparation area and a chilled storage area. The entrance to the larder leads into the preparation area and a separate exit door is through the rear of the chilled section. This complies with health and safety legislation which states that hung game cannot be brought back through the preparation area.

    The preparation area includes a sink with hot and cold water taps. The cold water is connected to the mains supply and hot water is supplied from a water heater. Stainless steel cutting tables are located in this compartment, along with a winch for lifting game. Meat rails for hanging carcasses run through from the front to the rear. An insulated bulkhead and door separates the compartments and the rear of the larder is refrigerated for storing the game on meat rails at the appropriate temperature.

    As with the other refrigerated storage options from Gray & Adams, game larders are very rigorously designed to incorporate all relevant health and safety features to comply with UK food storage legislation.

    The Gray & Adams game larder is bespoke-designed to suit individual requirements. Like the Gray & Adams cold store, game larders are built using the same five-element panels that are used in the Gray & Adams trailer, which are easily cleaned and which provide reliable temperature control. Other safety features, such as non-slip floors, insecticutors and internal lighting systems are also included.

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