• Trailers

  • Trailers

    We strive to build exceptional products that are well engineered and of supreme build quality. Our trailers are at the core of our product range and we work collaboratively with our customers to build a product that meets and exceeds your requirements. All our trailers are built to the highest standard and offer longevity and long term value for money.

    Our excellent engineering ensures our trailers are highly reliable and offer excellent lifecycle efficiency and with industry leading in house manufacturing facilities you can be certain all body parts are of superior build quality.

    Designed to your specifications we offer a wide range of products from 8m through to 15.6m built to suit your business needs. The Gray and Adams trailers product range includes:

    • Temperature controlled trailers
    • Specialised dry freight trailers
    • Specialist trailers

    All our trailers are bespoke, however each have the following key features:

    • Straight or step neck options
    • ATP certification
    • An extensive range of rear and side access doors, floor surfaces, internal bulkheads and lanes / compartments, load restraint systems, lighting options and damage protection features are available to suit individual requirements
    • Impact resistant cappings and all internal kickstrips are one-piece in order to eliminate the risk of moisture ingress and for increased durability

    Temperature controlled trailers

    All our temperature controlled trailers are built to Gray & Adams superior build quality standards. With a wealth of experience in multi temperature solutions you can be sure that Gray & Adams temperature controlled trailers will meet the needs of your business.

    Key features of our temperature controlled trailers include:

    • 8m to 15.6m
    • Options for solid, curtain, sliding or roller door side access
    • Single, dual or multi-temperature configurations to suit ambient, chilled or frozen operations

    Multi- Temperature Options

    We offer vehicles that can be divided laterally or longitudinally using dividing lanes and insulated bulkheads. These offer options for multiple-temperature operations so that two or more different products can be transported at different temperatures within the same trailer or vehicle body.

    Vehicles can be divided into two, three or four compartments longitudinally across the body using insulated lanes and each of these compartments can also be subdivided using insulated bulkheads.


    Specialised dry freight trailers

    Our diverse range of bespoke designed, specialised dry freight trailers are well engineered and of supreme build quality. As such they offer longevity and long term value for money. We provide exceptional attention to detail and go to extremes to ensure the best whole life value even in harsh environments.

    At Gray & Adams we have three options for our dry freight trailers:

    • Traditional dry freight panels
    • Insulated panels giving you the advantage to fit a refrigeration unit at a later date
    • Curtain side trailer using insuliners for temperature controlled products


    Specialist trailers

    At Gray & Adams we listen to our customers and deliver solutions that fit. We focus on the needs of our customer, building a product to meet and exceed their individual requirements. Our specialist trailers are designed for very particular operations and are highly specified products that we have been able to transfer our knowledge, experience and skills to. Our range includes:

    • Meat rail
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Command steer
    • Auto loading
    • Chick carrier
    • Air freight
    • Flower carrier

    For more information on our specialised dry freight trailers please contact us.