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PRM chooses Gray & Adams for 30th Anniversary trailers

PRM Group recently turned to Gray & Adams to manufacture two new 26 pallet capacity, multi temperature trailers, with one featuring a celebratory 30th Anniversary livery.

For over 30 years PRM Group hasmastered the challenge of market penetration as they work with over 35 leading brands providing a route to the retail market, wholesale and foods service sectors along with third party logistics throughout UK and Ireland.   

It recently turned to Gray & Adams to useitsconsiderable reputation for innovationto manufacture twonew26 pallet capacity,multi temperaturetrailers, with onefeaturing a celebratory 30thAnniversary livery.The brief to Gray &Adams wasfor a safe, efficient, sustainable designto add further impact and value to their trailer fleetas part of a drive for continuous improvement. 

Although the trailers have a similar specification to others in their fleet, they nowinclude a range of environmentally friendly features toenable areducedcarbon footprintand enhanced safety. This includesthe newCarrierTransicold VectorHE 19 multi temperaturerefrigerationunit,with a quieter,more efficientengineandan aerodynamics packageincludinga vortex generator on the roof tofurtherimprove aerodynamic performance. 

As thenewVector HE 19unit is noticeably quieterin operation3 dB(A), or around 50%, quieter than theprevious generationVector 1950PRM can confidently deliver at night in urban areas with a much-reduced chance of disturbing the local communities they operate in.It also features a sliding interiorbulkheaddoor, indicating sidemarkerlights forenhancedsafety, additional lights at the rear for greater visibility and a high-quality GRPinterior finishforeasier cleaning. 

Therelationship,dating more than 36 yearsbetween Philip Morrow and Gray & Adams,isbuilt upon trust asbusinesses which share strong family values.PhilipMorrow,ownerandManagingDirector,said of the trailers, 

“PRM has always invested in innovation, ensuring we continually improve our fleet with new and more sustainablesolutions. We wanted aprestigious, high quality trailer for our 30thAnniversary and we turned to Gray & Adams, as they are a partner we trust. We’refocusedondeployingmore environmentally friendly solutionsacrossourfleetandlook forward to working with the team at Gray & Adams(Ireland)on further innovations in the future.” 

On the addition of the new Vector HE 19hesaid,  

“Carrier Transicold’snew VectorHE 19s are already playing a big part in helping to improve ourfleet efficiency and sustainability, primarily by delivering hugefuel savings compared toourprevious fridge units. When you add in how quiet they are, it’s fair to say we are extremely impressed with their performance.” 

Commenting onPRM’srelationshipwith Gray & Adams,Philipadded,  

Gray & Adams strive to achieve all aspects of the task we challenge them withandhave always delivered high quality, high performanceproducts.We havemaintainedandupgradedour trailersover the yearswithexcellent aftersales repair, maintenance and supportfrom Gray & Adams.From design to manufacture, theyprovideindustry leadingcustomer service, areresponsive andare alwaysreadyto support us, helping to minimise downtime and going the extra mile.The added value is that they know usandtheymake our business, their business.” 

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