• Double deck trailers

  • Double deck trailers

    Excellent engineering is at the heart of our business. We continuously strive to develop new, innovative solutions to meet customer requirements. We aim to be the first to release new options before clients come to us with challenges to solve. We are proud of our people and their ability to innovate and challenge the industry.

    Our double deck trailers have been designed with customer requirements as primary consideration. With over 60 years in the business we have a thorough understanding of our clients’ businesses and the challenges they face and we are adept at designing solutions that fit.

    What can a double deck trailer offer over a standard single deck trailer?

    • Major cost savings
    • Up to 70% increased carrying capacity
    • 60% more floor area
    • 44 tonne maximum weight utilization
    • Potential 1.9 metre (6’3”) deck heights

    Key features of a Gray & Adams double deck:

    • High quality Gray & Adams components and materials
    • Hygienic one-piece insulated sandwich panel construction
    • Highly competitive unladen weight

    Temperature Controlled

    The refrigerated double deck trailer offers significant operational cost effective savings for operators delivering volume goods to either RDC or store.

    Over 25 years, Gray & Adams have refined the trailer design to carry up to 44 pallets increasing capacity over standard trailers by 70%. Both fixed deck and moving deck variants are available and they can be supplied in either single temp or multi temp configurations.

    The trailers have significant impact on the customer’s environmental footprint reducing vehicle miles and movements.

    The development of aerodynamic packages as well as state of the art marine standard electronics means that a customer can be assured of years of efficient economic operation.

    Gray & Adams engineering led design team and award winning product support means that these trailers are introduced in to a fleet with full personal training and support.

    Dry Freight

    The huge impact of the internet and the changes in our shopping behaviour has led to a massive rise in the use of parcel carrying double deck trailers. These time measured service providers asked Gray & Adams to develop a highly reliable lifting deck trailer to meet some exact standards.

    Drawing on their experience of the delivery critical food supply chain, Gray & Adams developed a reliable trailer with state of the art electronics that has been massively successful.

    In addition many customers have specified our fixed deck semi insulated trailers for carrying temperature sensitive products at high ambient temperatures without the need for expensive refrigeration units, for instance bread, chocolate, even fuel and tyres can be protected from the extremes of ambient temperature ensuring they arrive at location in prime condition.

    Gray & Adams ambient trailers are produced to the same high quality standards as its refrigerated versions.

    For more information on our double deck trailers please contact us.