• Rigids

  • Rigids

    We strive to build exceptional products that are well engineered and of supreme build quality. We work collaboratively with our customers to build a product that meets and exceeds their requirements. All our rigids are built to the highest standard and offer long term value for money. Testament to this, to date many of our clients have successfully remounted a box onto a second chasis increasing the lifetime and longevity of the product.

    With industry leading in house manufacturing facilities you can be certain all body parts are of superior build quality, and by never selling off the shelf we create the best products, whatever the business. We offer type approval for most common chassis cab types.

    Designed to your specifications we offer a wide range of products including 3, 4 or 5 element panel options, built to suit your business needs. The Gray and Adams rigids product range includes:

    • Temperature controlled rigids
    • Specialised dry freight rigids
    • Prime mover and drawbar trailer

    Temperature Controlled Rigids

    With a wealth of experience in multi temperature solutions you can be sure that Gray & Adams temperature controlled rigids will meet the needs of your business. Key features of our temperature controlled rigids include:

    • Temperature monitoring and tracking driver alarm
    • Single, dual or multi-temperature configurations to suit ambient, chilled or frozen operations
    • An extensive range of rear and side access doors, floor surfaces and internal bulkheads

    Multi- Temperature Options

    We offer vehicles that can be divided laterally or longitudinally using dividing lanes and insulted bulkheads. Utilising these options will allow two or more different products to be transported at different temperatures within the same vehicle body.

    We use bulkheads that can be:

    • Fixed or removable
    • Wall or roof mounted
    • Variable of fixed stow

    At Gray & Adams we hold patents for our paritions and we can offer the most diverse range of flexible systems available on the market. Whatever your requirement, no matter how complex, you can be sure that Gray & Adams will have a solution to suit.

    Rigid Prime Mover and Drawbar Trailer

    Our drawbar vehicles consist of a prime mover rigid vehicle (the prime mover) pulling a drawbar trailer (the drawbar) behind, therefore the rigid effectively acts like the tractor unit in a standard trailer set-up. Gray & Adams can offer drawbars suitable for refrigerated or dry freight applications. These vehicles offer unbeatable flexibility for operators and maximise the load areas that are available under current legislation.

    The Gray & Adams design team can develop drawbars in conjunction with the tow hitch manufacturers and can ensure legal compatibility between the drawbar and the prime mover. A variety of couplings can be offered that can be manualy or hydraulically operated for health and safety and depending on operator preference.

    Drawbars can vary in specification from an inverted luton to house the refrigeration unit for close couple operations, to complete drive through units with roller shutter doors on the prime mover and on the front and rear of the drawbar. This, combined with a bridging plate, allows trolleys to be pushed straight through from the prime mover to the drawbar and off loaded at the rear.

    Drawbars are constructed using the same insulated panels as standard refrigerated Gray & Adams products and can benefit from all of the performance enhancing features that have come to be expected from Gray & Adams designs, such as door and floor options, lighting, and load restraint options, protective features and ancillary equipment, such as tail lifts and refrigeration. Various types of tail lifts can be incorporated, including under-slung types.

    Specialised Dry Freight Rigids

    Our diverse range of bespoke designed, specialised dry freight rigids are well engineered and of supreme build quality. As such they offer longevity and long term value for money. We provide exceptional attention to detail and go to extremes to ensure the best whole life value even in harsh environments.

    At Gray & Adams we have three options for our dry freight rigids:

    • Traditional dry freight panels
    • Insulated panels giving you the advantage to fit a refrigeration unit at a later date
    • Curtain side access using insuliners for temperature controlled products

    For more information on our specialised dry freight rigids please contact us.