Case Study: Blue Cube PCS 

Blue Cube PCS is a rental supplier of portable, temperature-controlled storage, blast freezers, chillers and tempering units. It also provides technology-led solutions, from thermally efficient units to the latest generation fridges.

With specialist requirements, Gray & Adams is one of very few suppliers who can provide Blue Cube with the required product specifications for its units and the company has been purchasing its products from Gray & Adams for over seven years.

As Blue Cube provides a rental service, the continued supply of high-quality products from Gray & Adams enable Blue Cube to effectively maintain and grow its rental fleet. The business operates a programme of continuous investment in innovation that Gray & Adams facilitates through design reviews and product upgrades.

Blue Cube’s products can be at a customer location for anything between a couple of months to 10 years or more and, as such, may have to be transported frequently between customer locations. Despite Blue Cube’s products being nominally larger and wider than the trailers Gray & Adams manufacture for haulage operations, they are still able to provide Blue Cube with strong and durable units that are structurally sound and capable of transportation.

The Gray & Adams name is synonymous with quality and the value of this is passed onto Blue Cube’s customers, who rent and use the products.


“Having visited the Fraserburgh factory it is clear to see the build quality of all the major components used on our products; it’s such an impressive setup. We are continually working together as a partnership and whether it is design changes or more general support required, the team at Gray & Adams is experienced, responsive and happy to help. Gray & Adams is a significant partner in the Blue Cube supply chain.”
– Steve Blakemore, Managing Director, Blue Cube