Case Study: Cool Trike

Cycles Maximus was approached by James Knight of Mayfair, who hold the Royal Warrant as Fishmongers to Her Majesty The Queen.

Managing Director, Paschal Tiernan, approached Cycles Maximus to find a product to reduce carbon emissions whilst still distributing and delivering in London.

Cycles Maximus were tasked with creating a ‘cool trike’, with ultra low carbon emissions, able to refrigerate products, whilst also being light enough to cycle through the busy streets of London.

Tom Nesbitt knew of Gray & Adams as leading temperature controlled storage and distribution experts and approached them about using their expertise to help solve this unusual challenge.

The Customer Problem

Initially the design was too heavy at 100Kg and required to be easily manoeuvred through the city, getting through traffic and reducing costs as well as ensuring ultra low carbon emissions

Our Innovation

Gray & Adams managed to reduce weight of the trike to a more manageable 70Kg, with a battery that lasts all day.


The finished ‘cool trike’ has been extremely well received by, not only Cycles Maximus, but James Knight of Mayfair too, with further bikes on order.

What our customer says

Gray and Adams provided brilliant customer service from start to finish and we had great transitions from each stage through from initial enquiry through to delivery and beyond. They are a great company to work with and this new product innovation has opened up a brand new distribution market which wasn’t previously accessible.

– Tom Nesbitt, Cycles Maximus