Case study: John M Munro

John M Munro is a leading fresh meat supplier based in the Highlands of Scotland. Operating since 1922, the 5th generation family business prides themselves on the quality of their produce, supplying meat to the UK’s most exclusive restaurants.

When their old supplier went out of business, Munro’s were looking for a manufacturer to match the quality of trailer that they had become used to. Choosing to go with the quality and reputation of Gray & Adams, they have now been customers for the past ten years. Upon the delivery of their two new vehicles at the beginning of next year, all of their vehicles will be built by Gray & Adams.

Operating in the same geographical region means that if there have been any small issues with a trailer, Gray & Adams has often been able to carry out repairs within the same day, hugely minimising any downtime.

Gray & Adams is now the only supplier of refrigerated vehicle bodies to Munro’s, who operates their vehicles for around five years after which point the Gray & Adams’ trailers are almost as good as new. Over the years, Munro’s has experienced very few issues with their products and, as the vehicles hold their value, they can be sold on adding further commercial value to their operations.

The quality and workmanship of Gray & Adams’ trailers translates into the look of the vehicles. Munro’s want to convey the quality of their produce across all areas of the business and therefore using top end Gray & Adams’ equipment is aligned with it’s brand image.

What our customer says:

“The service received from Gray & Adams over the years has been tremendous. As a small business, we feel they appreciate us just as much as the larger operators, which is a nice feeling. They have taken the time to get to know our business and we’ve had the same point of contact for ten years. Gray & Adams’ products are the best value for money and they do a top notch job.” – Charlie Munro, Managing Director, John M Munro