Ian Senic – 40 Year Long Service Award

I started at Gray & Adams on 26th May 1983 and have been here for the last 40 years. I first started in the assembly department building the refrigerated trailers. I have been in various roles, I moved from the assembly department to the door department, then to the trailer department before finishing up in my current role as a manufacturing operative where I drive the forklift collecting waste materials for recycling, which I have been doing for the last 7 years.


My career highlight at Gray & Adams is seeing the company expand over the years, from starting as a car body shop to becoming one of the largest employers in town, it’s been incredible to watch. I have had some mentors across my time at Gray & Adams with older generations teaching me skills. While I haven’t mentored anyone myself, I have always helped in other departments. My experience in various roles has meant that over the years I have been able to turn my hand at a number of roles and help put where required.


Gray & Adams has been a great local company for me to work for. There is a happy workforce with lots of camaraderie and everyone getting on. I have really enjoyed my 40 years here.