Developing New Relationships – Gray & Adams and Sykes Seafood

Whilst Sykes Seafood may be a newer customer to Gray & Adams, is it certainly not new to market. Boasting an impressive 160 years in business, the team looked to Gray & Adams to enhance their fleet with their latest purchase of a mix of six single and double deck trailers.

Following the successful delivery of this order, we speak to Sykes Seafood Senior Group Transport Manager, Alan Livingston for his comments on the build quality and the new relationship between the two businesses.

He shares,

“We approached Gray & Adams as they are known in the market for their superior build quality and the double deck trailers were a specific requirement we had at the time. The reason that we were interested in purchasing the single and double deck trailers is that, as an ever-growing business, we are looking to be time and cost efficient whilst delivering service excellence to our customers. We believed that the addition of these trailers to our fleet can support this objective due to the extra load capacity it offers.”

Alan also adds,

“As well as the immediate need for the double deck trailers, we were also interested in working with Gray & Adams due to their reputation for delivering a quality product. The team were also able to include some additional specifications such as building a more durable shell which would be able to manage some of the tougher journeys that our drivers undertake, therefore preserving the lifecycle of the asset. We also asked if a full camera system could be fitted internally for the safety of our drivers and for load security reasons. We carry high-value stock in the seafood market, so these additional measures are important to keep our team and customers safe whilst out on the road. The feedback from our drivers has been brilliant so far, they think the trailers look the part, making their work experience that bit better.”

When discussing plans for the future, Alan also adds,

“I would work with the team at Gray & Adams again. I found them to be highly professional and communicative and they were able to meet the expected delivery time which is getting more and more challenging in this current market. We purchased the double decks with diesel-powered Thermo King fridges as they run efficiently, but we may look at alternative power sources in the future.”