Gray & Adams Dry Freight Twin Deck Trailers for Boots UK

Gray & Adams Ltd. has recently delivered the first of a number of twin deck trailers to Boots UK Limited. The trailers will be used for the company’s trunking operation between distribution centres and depots.
As with all Gray & Adams products, the trailers have been completely bespoke-designed to suit the Boots operation and have a number of features added for increased efficiency, safety and functionality, such as load restraint systems, reversing aids and internal and external damage protection features. When designing the trailers, particular attention was paid to ensure operational simplicity and versatility.

The trailers also have radiused top rear cappings and an aerodynamic bulb at the front, which aim to reduce fuel consumption by reducing drag on the trailer.

The trailers have been liveried in the striking and instantly recognisable Boots colours and logo and each one advertises the various Boots departments, such as the pharmacy or opticians. Boots UK won the Fleet Livery of the Year Award at the 2008 Annual Motor Transport Awards.

Gray & Adams have developed a strong presence in the market for both temperature-controlled and dry freight fixed and lifting double deck trailers. Gray & Adams believe that their twin deck trailer is the most technologically advanced design in the UK. The increased carrying capacity and efficiency of these trailers compared with a standard single deck trailer offer significant cost savings and huge environmental benefits.