KCL Logistics and Gray & Adams

KCL Logistics is a road haulage and freight forwarding business, delivering fresh, frozen and chilled produce across the UK and operating from North Shields in Tyne and Wear. As family businesses, both have a shared focus on providing excellent service to customers. 

Managing Director of KCL Logistics, Andrew Dunn, recalls seeing Gray & Adams trailers around the fishing town where he grew up and had a desire to own one from a very young age. When he began working with Gray & Adams ten years ago, he was able to make that a reality within the fleet for KCL Logistics. 

In 2016, KCL purchased four dual-temperature 13.6m refrigerated semi-trailers which had to be built to a greater height, in order to facilitate 26 larger-sized pallets for fruit and veg deliveries. This additional height was engineered into the trailer specification, along with an aerodynamics package, rear compression bumpers to maintain and protect the integrity of trailer and restraining bars to protect the bespoke loads carried by KCL Logistics. 

The success of these trailers was the driving force behind the purchase of four further trailers delivered in May 2021. The order consisted of two single temperature and two multi-temperature 13.6m semi-trailers to the same specification, adding even more Gray & Adams’ engineering innovation to his growing fleet.   

Managing Director, Andrew Dunn, said, 

“For me, Gray & Adams’ trailers are the best on the market. They’re British made, hardy and the quality creates real value for us as they just keep running, year after year. They’re really hardwearing, if we need any parts, we can easily get them and it’s great to know we can plan on running them for ten to fifteen years at least. Our older trailers are still showing no sign of wear and tear and continue to give us a great deal of value for money as a result. Obviously, our brand-new vehicles are looking fantastic too – we’re delighted with them and really proud to be showing off our new livery.”