Supporting Customer Growth – OPX and Gray & Adams 

Gray & Adams customer, OPX Logistics, formerly OPX International, was born in 2017 servicing blue chip business across the UK. Since 2017, OPX Logistics has enjoyed expansion and commercial growth due to the nature of the market segments it operates in. Having found that during the pandemic, the number of households purchasing goods via e-commerce sites had grown extensively, OPX grew with the market needs and opened up a distribution division in 2021 to give a full 360-degree fulfilment solution to its customers. The business has also increased its headcount in the transport team to ten people, 60% of which are women occupying the roles in a traditionally male dominated industry.

Gray & Adams have recently supplied ten single deck trailers to OPX Logistics’ operations that will continue to support and facilitate the business growth.  

Customer Requirement 

Having enjoyed considerable growth over the last few years, OPX Logistics work hand-in-hand with the Recruitment and Distribution divisions that are housed under OPX Group, to provide a 360-degree fulfilment solution to their customers and therefore, needed to invest in a fleet that would suit the requirements of the diverse customer base. They have also become a strategic addition to the business that will support the recent growth across the logistics and distribution divisions.

Gray & Adams Solution

OPX Logistics purchased ten single deck trailers from Gray & Adams to add to the fleet. Our customer specified that the trailer design they had in mind was similar to what Gray & Adams has designed for a large grocery retailer. This spec would also work for OPX Logistics as the business primarily deals with leading supermarket chains across both the logistics and distribution divisions and the inspiration for the fleet is what OPX Logistics have set their growth aspirations on for their own operations. Gray & Adams were delighted to provide a solution.

The quality of the single deck trailers was robust and detailed with new braded livery, which was carefully considered to line up with the strategic goals of the business. The trailers were also fitted with Titan Pack Hybrid Systems, provided by Marshall Fleet Solutions to contribute towards the sustainability goals of the company.  


The relationship between OPX Logistics and Gray & Adams has been a fairly recent, with this fleet of ten single decks being the first order placed to G&A, however, Gray & Adams has been on the radar of the OPX Logistics director for some time.

Ryan Gower, Operations Director tells us,

“When OPX Logistics decided that we wanted purchase our own trailers, Gray & Adams were very helpful. Their fantastic consultative approach and expert knowledge meant they listened to our requirements and produced a solution that suited our needs perfectly.