Brian Fraser – 25 Year Long Service Award

I commenced employment at Gray & Adams March 1998, having previously worked as a building surveyor with the local authority. I initially had a placement in the Sales Office in Fraserburgh but after a short period of time the company had completed the purchase of an engineering works across from the main factory, and that potentially was the start of me going back to utilising my building experience. Peter Gray was ultimately responsible for persuading me to join Gray & Adams way back then.

I have maintained relationships throughout my 25+ years, with all our major customers and key suppliers, including support for Doncaster, Dunfermline and Ireland, a role which to this day I still enjoy.

Engaging on a daily basis with James and Peter, has allowed me to achieve a wider knowledge within the group. The support I have received, and still receive, from the joint Managing Directors both on a work and personal level, is second to none.

During the earlier years, I spent a large amount of my time with Jim Gray Snr, and Lewis Gray Snr. Both vastly knowledgeable on the day to day running of the company, and this was invaluable and beneficial to my progression.

Throughout my career it is satisfying to see the younger generation progress within the company, without the younger staff members having the opportunity to enjoy their time being at Gray & Adams, the future would be very bleak indeed.

Having involvement with customer orders, and seeing these through to the final delivery process is good for morale.

Having been asked, what is the best thing about working for the company? My simple answer to that question is, it is never a thought to come to work on any given day.