Responding to bespoke requirements – AAD Transport and Gray & Adams

AAD Transport Ltd is a family run haulage business that was established by Alan Davie in 2012. Over the last decade, the business has enjoyed significant organic growth and has grown from Alan and one lorry to a fleet of 40 and 65 members of staff.

We recently caught up with Alan to discuss the business and the ongoing relationship with Gray & Adams.

“AAD Transport Ltd has a wide variety of customers that we service in the UK and internationally. They range from fish & seafood merchants, vegetable producers, egg farms, local soft fruit growers and some of our largest customers for the UK market is the major supermarkets and wholesalers. We have been fortunate enough over the year to grow organically and we have grown our business from referrals and recommendations, commenting on our reputation for being flexible and adaptable.”

Alan then shares with us how the relationship with Gray & Adams initially developed and has grown over the years,

“I originally got in touch with Gray & Adams as I needed something quite specific. Gray & Adams have a reputation for being accommodating to bespoke requirements and they are also known for the build quality. I approached the team at G&A for a specific requirement for a trailer with twin evaporators and a meat rail for hanging beef that would allow me to service my wide variety of customers in an efficient way. We carry lots of types of good within the one load, so we need a solution that is almost “one size fits all” so to speak.

The quality of that trailer was great, so we went back and purchased another, then we took five the next time and six with the following order, so our relationship has grown from there. Gray & Adams understand our need for flexibility as we have such a wide customer base. They also are happy to accommodate our bespoke requirement for extra wide trailers as some of the products that we carry can be quite bulky so the extra 20mm does make all the difference!

As well as the product quality, the service from the team is fantastic, the sales team are honest and reliable, and the aftercare is second to none. They go the extra mile to make your life easier, which as a business owner who still takes a very hands-on role operationally, I do really appreciate.”

When discussing what is next for AAD Transport Ltd, Alan tells us,

“We have been very fortunate to grow organically and service regions of the world such as Spain and Bulgaria, which brings a bit of variety to the business. In terms of developing our fleet, we have a traditional diesel fleet at the moment but would certainly be open to looking at electric options once the infrastructure for commercial vehicles has had more investment. As we travel internationally, battery life does remain an issue, but it’s not to say that we won’t explore these options in the future.

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