Blakemore Logistics chooses Gray & Adams

Britain’s first refrigerated urban double-deck trailers are now delivering valuable efficiency savings for West Midlands-based SPAR distributor Blakemore Logistics. Launched by Gray & Adams, the aerodynamic 11.4 metre double-decker offers an increase in productivity of more than 68 per cent compared to the single-deck version.

Blakemore Logistics operates three regional distribution centres which utilise 550,000 sq ft of multi-temperature warehousing. Its 150 vehicles deliver to approximately 1,000 SPAR convenience stores across a large swathe of the country incorporating Wales, South Yorkshire, East Anglia, Sussex, and the Heart of England counties.

The single-temperature (+4ºC) trailers are used to transport multi-drop consignments of up to 64 cages of chilled and ambient products, whereas their predecessors only had a capacity of 38.

The Blakemore team worked closely with Gray & Adams’ General Sales Manager Andrew Brown and his colleagues on the development of the new trailer.

Blakemore Logistics’ Distribution General Manager Dave Higgs described it as a highly productive addition to the fleet, and said it had enabled the company to reduce its environmental impact.

“This design allows us to increase capacity without increasing trailer length and therefore any additional space requirements at the SPAR retail stores that we serve,” he explained.

“There is no doubt that in terms of build quality and longevity Gray & Adams produces the best temperature-controlled trailers for the market. The responsiveness of the Gray & Adams team, their flexible design capability and commitment, are other key strengths.”

The trailer’s aerodynamic design incorporating a sloping roof allows the refrigeration unit to be mounted directly behind the tractor unit, thus protecting it from damage. Wide radius cappings on the trailer’s leading edges also contribute to the overall improved fuel efficiency.

Working with partners which enable Blakemore Logistics to deliver sustainable solutions while minimising environmental impact, is of paramount importance.

Blakemore Logistics is part of the family-owned A.F. Blakemore Group, which traces its roots back to 1917. Food and drink has always been the company’s lifeblood and with retail, wholesale and shop-fitting as well as distribution interests, it now employs circa 8,000 people and has a turnover of £1.1 billion.