Booths Supermarkets and Gray & Adams

Booths Supermarkets has been in business since 1847, serving the North of England through 27 stores and various online channels, including Amazon. With a relationship that spans back several years, Gray & Adams work with Booths to provide solutions that service a number of stores and suppliers in both densely populated areas and countryside.

The relationship between the two businesses has gone from strength to strength, a particular highlight was in November 2021, when Booths took delivery of two Urban trailers. Recently, Booths has approached us to assist them in updating their fleet with the purchase of two rigid bodies.


Due to the location and set up of some of the smaller Booths stores and farm suppliers, larger trailers such as Urbans, were not servicing these stores efficiently. Gray & Adams was approached to discuss supplying a solution for this need and Booths decided to settle on purchasing a further two rigid bodies from Gray & Adams.


As well as being smaller in size, there were a number of bespoke elements that needed to be incorporated into the build. The rigid bodies are multi temperature, working across three temperature bands and have a full pallet size tail lift for efficient and safe loading and unloading. Another convenient addition was the moveable walls which are installed on rails. Traditionally, moveable walls within box bodies and trailers are heavy and cumbersome to operate, causing inefficiencies in the supply chain and frustration with drivers.
The rail installation is easier to operate, and the addition of the walls have allowed the extra benefit of the deliveries becoming more efficient by allowing the driver to deliver multiple drops across different categories, without returning to the depot.


Booths has now been operating the trailers since November and as expected, the fleet additions have increased operation efficiency which is strategically important to the business. Feedback from the drivers has also proven that the Gray & Adams rigid bodies allow them to do their job in a more efficient and more comfortable manner compared to solutions provided by competitors.


Craig Stopforth, Transport Manager tells us,

“We are a smaller customer for Gray & Adams in terms of order value but we appreciate the level of customer service and the bespoke elements of all the products. We feel valued as a customer and it is never an issue to request changes to spec and communicate our needs to the sales team.”