Building a lifetime of value: a focus on quality, training and maintenance


2023 has seen another busy and successful year at Gray & Adams and part of that success is down to the hard work and workmanship of the people who build our product. A critical part of this process is ensuring all our vehicles have been tested, verified, and had the necessary pre-delivery inspection checks carried out. We have a committed team of Quality Inspectors who ensure the vehicle has been built to the correct customer specification and finished to the highest standard of quality that is to be expected from a Gray and Adams product. As part of our continual improvement and customer focus objective, 2024 will see the opening of our new Training Centre, exciting times lie ahead for the business and this new facility will only enhance our focus to ensure all our employees, old and new, get the best possible training to help keep us at the forefront of our industry. Moving into 2024 will see us enter another busy year and we will continue to work hard to provide the service, workmanship, and quality of the product we build.

David Smith, Group Quality Manager


Gray & Adams New Training Centre

As 2023 comes to a close we are currently in the final stages of building a new training centre at Fraserburgh HQ. The training centre will be used for apprentices, new starts & existing employees internal training. From induction training, small hand and power tool training, procedure and process training to online training courses. The training centre will also be used for training by our suppliers for component training and our external training providers to deliver various training courses including Abrasive Wheel, Drivers CPC, Manual Handling, Scissors Lift, Overhead Crane etc. Once completed the training centre will consist of an upstairs classroom for delivering the theory part of the courses and a downstairs workshop for the practical side. The new training centre is located between the decal store and the main canteen and can be accessed through the completion department.

Andrew Cooper, Training Manager (Fraserburgh)



“The importance of Maintenance for long-lasting success”

In the ever-changing world of industrial operations, equipment and technology, one of the keys to success lies in the care and attention given to machinery. Staff and equipment are the backbone of production, however, the longevity and efficiency of machinery hinge on the care and attention they are given. This can be achieved through strategic maintenance practices, such as routine inspections, timely lubrication, and part replacements. These strategies are pivotal in optimising performance and averting potential issues. However, the importance of our operators cannot be underestimated. Through everyday use of our equipment, they get to know them inside out, and our employees can play a huge part in the early identification of issues prior to costly downtime. Through effective communication and early reporting, most issues can be rectified at a suitable time without affecting production. Neglecting maintenance or ineffective communication can have cascading effects, leading to disruptions in equipment downtime, production schedules and increased repair costs. In essence, with good communication and prioritizing regular care for our machinery, we can forge a path to sustained productivity, reduced downtime, and ultimately, long-term success in the competitive industrial landscape.

Gordon Harper, Group Maintenance Manager