Case study: Henry Colbeck

Henry Colbeck prides itself on being ‘more than just a supplier’ which means delivering and collecting in high specification vehicles that customers can be proud of seeing outside their premises. By working with Gray & Adams to develop bespoke fleet designs, Henry Colbeck is able to promote, and support the fish and chip industry to the public through its high quality vehicles.


With a fleet of vehicles operating in very different sectors, from supplying the fish & chip industry to used cooking oil collection, the business has varying requirements depending on the needs of the particular division. Henry Colbeck approached Gray & Adams five years ago seeking to make improvements to its existing bodies.


Henry Colbeck and Gray & Adams worked closely together to explore numerous solutions, taking into consideration the varied nature of the business. It now has a number of new Gray & Adams vehicles, which have been developed from meetings between both businesses, where Gray & Adams have a collaborative and inclusive approach to incorporating the design requirements of the team at Henry Colbeck.


As a result of collaborative design, Henry Colbeck now has a range of vehicles which meet their specific business needs. As they regularly jet wash their vehicles it is important that the design minimises slip and fall hazards. This is provided through the Gray & Adams flooring solution, as well as cantilever steps, which have further improved the safety of the vehicle for operators.


As a company operating to Environmental ISO Standards 14001, Henry Colbeck recycle their Gray & Adams bodies, replacing the chassis every six years but opting to refurbish the bodies, resulting in a 44% cost reduction as opposed to buying new whilst delivering to their recycling aims.

When the vehicles are in operation, the downtime is minimal due to the Gray & Adams colour pigmentation process, which keeps the bodywork looking fresh. The aerodynamic design also allows for increased fuel efficiency, bringing further value to the business.



“Gray & Adams are the future of how the HGV industry should look with the innovation, design and productivity they are bringing to the sector. Their designs are robust, but still lightweight, and the customer service is fantastic. They are very transparent on their production schedule and follow through on delivery commitments. We have used several other body manufacturers but none come close on the quality which Gray & Adams provide.”