Case study: Quayside Wholesale

Quayside Wholesale distributes over 45,000 cases of frozen and grocery products every week from their purpose-built warehouse in Gateshead. They pride themselves on supplying the best products at the best price backed up by a quick and efficient delivery service and, as such, their vehicles need to be tough to last the pace.

Gray & Adams have been working with Quayside for over a decade and the ongoing relationship has been strengthened through excellent after-care service, with Quayside now on their third fleet of Gray & Adams’ products. With a demand for durability, Gray & Adams manufacture high quality and reliable rigid vehicles that Quayside can trust.

For Quayside, Gray & Adams’ rigids have proved invaluable. The high quality of the Gray & Adams product is exemplified by one incident where their vehicle tipped off the road, knocking down a dry-stone wall in the process. During this incident the rigid only lost one corner cap and had surface scratches to the livery, whilst the chassis cab suffered a considerable amount of damage. Within the rigid, there was just one broken case with minimal product loss, exemplifying the quality of the vehicle and saving Quayside the huge potential cost of repairs and replacing the product inside.

“We really appreciate the effort that Gray & Adams put into maintaining a great working relationship. Having visited the factory in Dunfermline, the entire team provided us with a fantastic insight into the business, which was a really nice touch. In terms of product quality, you can’t get a better body. Prior to upgrading our fleet this year, our existing vehicles were seven years old and still in pristine condition due to the fantastic colour impregnation process used by Gray & Adams. They hadn’t needed any major work done since the day they were delivered.” – Darren Nicholson, Transport Manager, Quayside