Supplier Spotlight – A Conversation With Aerodyne 

Aerodyne was founded in 1979 and since then, it has been renowned in supplying quality aerodynamic solutions to the industry. Drawing on experience and innovation, Aerodyne has an established working relationship with Gray & Adams. To catch up on the relationship, we speak with Tod Harvey, Head of Sales for Aerodyne. 

Tell me about your role with Aerodyne 

This is now my second time as an Aerodyne team member. I first worked with the business from 2001-2008 but I’ve now come back as the Head of Sales this year and I’m getting back into the swing of things with our customers. My role is establishing relationships with our key customers, ensuring we scope their requirements correctly and delivering to the level of customer service that our industry expects.

Tell me about the relationship between Gray & Adams and Aerodyne 

Gray & Adams is the industry leader in building temperature-controlled trailers and the brand is well respected and well-known, therefore the relationship between the two companies was already well established before I joined the business. We work closely with the Gray & Adams sales and design teams, as working with refrigerated units has a particular requirement for aerodynamic solutions, with more considerations to be had than standard fleets and vehicles. It is important that we liaise with Gray & Adams at the beginning of the process in order to ensure that our solutions are fully compatible, so it’s key that the communication and transparency between the two teams is there from the outset and that’s what we love about working with Gray & Adams. The team is great to work with and they are solutions focused, which really benefits us as a supplier.

How important is it to Aerodyne that you work with customers with similar values to Aerodyne? 

I would say that this is a key part to doing business with customers and suppliers. Gray & Adams communicate their values clearly, so we have always understood that they put innovation at the heart of everything they do, and they are renowned for putting the customer first. Aerodyne also endeavour to uphold these values in our operation which makes the partnership work smoothly when designing a solution for Gray & Adams customers.  

What factors do you think are driving the future of your industry?

Sustainability is obviously a huge topic of conversation at the moment and it’s something that Aerodyne discuss with customers frequently. Through the implementation of aerodynamic solutions into the trailer or vehicle, we find that we can reduce running costs relating to fuel by upto 10%. We do this through the use of data so we can calculate and predict what the best solution for a customer would be at the design phase which ensures that the fleet operators are getting the best return on investment. On the back of this, we also think how we use data will develop and data will become more important within the industry. Data is something we place a high amount of importance on as we believe it is important to be transparent, but we are interested to see if it can be used in other ways going forward.