Customer Case Study – Gray & Adams and Waitrose

Gray & Adams has worked with key customer, Waitrose on a long-term basis to provide trailers and rigid bodies to their fleet.

Our team is proud to work as a trusted partner to such a well-known company and we understand their need to drive sustainability across their business as part of a wider commitment to their customer base as consumers become more green-conscious.

With this in mind, Waitrose approached Gray & Adams to supply them with 18 gas-powered rigid body vehicles as new additions to their fleet.

Customer Requirement

Waitrose currently operate a mixed fleet of refrigerated trailers and rigid bodies, mostly built by Gray & Adams to service their stores and customers. With central London mostly accommodating smaller stores and traffic restrictions, 18T rigid bodies are the most appropriate vehicle option for deliveries in these locations.
Due to Waitrose’s deep commitment to sustainability and reducing CO2 throughout their business, the requirement was for the rigids to be built incorporating gas-powered trucks from Scania and electric fridges.


Using a collaborative approach, Gray & Adams worked with our suppliers and Waitrose to create a specification that met their needs. The combination of gas-powered trucks and electric fridges means that the vehicles are much quieter and produce 80% less CO2 than a standard diesel rigid with a diesel-powered fridge. This reduction in CO2 and noise pollution has meant that the Gray & Adams rigids are popular with the general public as well as the drivers.

Over the life of the vehicles, Waitrose expect to see some significant cost savings compared to fuelling and maintaining a traditional diesel-powered option which will provide ongoing commercial benefits.

Customer Impact

David Wake, Fleet Engineer for Waitrose shared his thoughts on the rigids,

“We have taken delivery of some of the rigids from Gray & Adams already and have incorporated them into our delivery routes in central London and the feedback we have had from the drivers has been fantastic. Not only are they cleaner when refuelling but they are also quieter and smoother which makes the driving experience more enjoyable for our colleagues. The general public have also provided similar feedback, and this is significant as it means that we may be able to apply to Transport for London for delivery slots outside the tight traffic and delivery timing restrictions currently in place in Central London. If this is approved this will make things much more efficient for our operations.”

He also shares his thoughts on working with Gray & Adams,

“We have been a customer of Gray & Adams for a long time and we find them really easy to work with. I personally find that the team have a good “can do attitude” and this was apparent when they worked with us to spec unique aerodynamics requirements on a previous order. Nothing is too much trouble, and we enjoy the collaborative approach to problem-solving and providing solutions.”

He adds,

“In regard to the actual product, the quality is second to none and their aftercare service is superior – not that we use the after-care service often due to the fact the product is of such a robust quality.”