Customer Case Study – KJ Pike and Sons Ltd

As the leading trolley maintenance provider, KJ Pike and Sons Ltd has been established since 1976. As a family business first and foremost, KJ Pike and Sons Ltd has retained the reputation for value and great service.


The business service the main supermarkets in the UK and therefore need reliable transportation to ensure that trollies are delivered from the customers for repair and back again in a safe and efficient manner. In order to achieve this, KJ Pike and Sons Ltd turned to Gray & Adams.


Gray & Adams Solution

Gray & Adams has recently provided KJ Pike and Sons Ltd with two new double deck trailers with full rear closure and extra-large tail lifts to accommodate efficient loading of the trollies by taking 50 at a time. The unique design of the trailer which has been tailored specifically for the KJ Pike and Sons Ltd business as it has no temperature control facilities or side doors for enhanced security purposes.


Customer Impact

Gray & Adams is the only trailer manufacturer based in the UK who can offer the specification KJ Pike and Sons Ltd require. As well as meeting this need, Gray & Adams are able to offer a quality and durable product which is robust enough to last for 10 – 12 years.



Christian Pike, Financial Director of KJ Pike and Sons Ltd tells us,

“The Gray & Adams team are helpful and friendly. They are always willing to adjust specifications and upgrades to newer technology. We always get great feedback from our operators on the ease of use of the trailer”.