Customer Case Study— MacLennan Distribution

As the leading employer in Oban, MacLennan Distribution (formerly MacLennan Motors), has been established since 1978. As a family business first and foremost, MacLennan Distribution has retained its reputation for value and great service, putting the local community at the heart of everything it seeks to achieve and providing a vital link to the islands it serves.

MacLennan Motors was founded by Angus MacLennan on the Isle of Tiree in 1978, before relocating to their Oban depot in 2020. In 2022, Angus’ son Stewart took over as Managing Director, changing the name to MacLennan Distribution. At this time, they also purchased food distribution company Walton’s of Oban. The company has grown from the original garage into a major haulier on the west coast of Scotland with depots on the island and Oban. This increased the size of the company considerably from 10 employees to 49 employees, as well as increasing their fleet to 42 vehicles. The last two years of operating have been hugely successful for MacLennan Distribution, with them being recognised for two national awards, Transport News Scottish Fleet of the Year and Rural Family Business of the Year at The Herald’s Scottish Family Awards.

Customer Requirement

The business services essential delivery needs to those living and working throughout the mainland and Islands on the West Coast of Scotland. Often, trailers are parked up on the islands, taking in all the effects of sea salt, sand, and wind making it susceptible to rust. Therefore, MacLennan Distribution needs reliable transportation of high quality.

Gray & Adams Solution

Gray & Adams provided MacLennan Distribution with their first trailer in 2015, with a focus on quality, by placing galvanised steel on the chassis and wheels to ensure extra durability and reduce any rust impact. MacLennan Distribution found longevity in the trailer compared to the previous trailers they had used. This resulted in them purchasing a second trailer in 2021 with Gray & Adams, and a third trailer has been ordered for delivery in May 2024 to carry them through the next 10 years.

Gray & Adams Added Value

With a fleet containing Gray & Adams-built trailers, MacLennan Distribution is a valued customer for Gray & Adams and the business is delighted to maintain and grow the partnership. Stewart MacLennan, Managing Director for MacLennan Distribution, commented on the Gray & Adams customer service as efficient, quick to reply and honest. Covid-19 impacted the delivery of their second trailer, and Stewart was grateful for the direct line of communication with the Gray & Adams team, and their upfront nature in providing a new delivery timeline.

Customer Impact

The additions of the Gray & Adams trailers to the MacLennan Distributions fleet has allowed them to efficiently move high volumes of product across the islands and West Coast of Scotland. By reducing the need for multiple journeys, operational costs are reduced as well as reducing the carbon footprint of the business.

MacLennan Distribution is in the fortunate position that the hospitality sector on the West Coast will always be busy, allowing a continuous need for food and drinks in that area. They are also in a fortunate position to have strong relationships with customers and suppliers who are always looking ahead.

Our Customer Says

“On the face we want to have a really good, attractive fleet of vehicles, which are well maintained and well looked after, and that can provide a good service for us, Gray & Adams do this for us.”

Stewart MacLennan, MacLennan Distribution