Customer Case Study – PML

Gray & Adams customer, PML is a family-owned business with operations in London and Kent. The business was established in 2003 to manage the supply chain of temperature-sensitive goods across warehousing and travel industries. Working closely to Heathrow airport, PML works with airlines to transport perishable goods both landside and airside. To accommodate this, extra considerations are to be made to transportation in line with the airport’s policies.


When working within Heathrow airport, extra health and safety considerations both land side and air side must be adhered to. One of the key factors is the safety of individuals who are loading and unloading pallets from trailers. With heavy goods being transported in time sensitive environment, the risk of falling or fast-moving pallets crushing the operator, is a serious health & safety hazard. To mitigate this risk, but still provide excellent service to their clients, PML worked with Farnborough Truck & Van for the purchase of the new trailers, and then looked to Gray & Adams to find a solution.


After understanding the needs of the team at PML, Gray & Adams designed a bespoke solution for new trailers that would include a rolling floor which is operated from a control box on the side of the trailer, which will allow goods to be loaded and unloaded without the operator having to step inside the back on the trailer, thus reducing the risk of injury to the operator. As the airport industry runs 24/7, PML also required a solution that would not require much downtime for repairs and with Gray & Adam’s reputation for quality, this was assured from the initial conversation.


The new trailers were built at Gray & Adams’ Fraserburgh facility where the team collaborated with Joloda Hydraroll during the design phase to ensure all PML’s requirements were met.


Martin Kopicki, Transport Manager from PML shares his thoughts on working with the Gray & Adams team,

“We have a historic relationship with Gray & Adams, and we have always found the team to be great to deal with, honest and open. The trailers themselves are robust and great quality, which is important in the environments we work in, especially at Heathrow as our trailers are operating almost 24/7 so we require them to be sturdy and to take a bit of banging around!

“We are delighted with the relationship so far and we looking forward to our new delivery.”