Customers with a lasting legacy: John Mackirdy Ltd and Gray & Adams

As a family run business, Gray & Adams understand the values of our customer whose successful operations have been handed down the generations. John Mackirdy Limited are one such customer, with a long and proud history, and stellar reputation, Gray & Adams are keen to deliver excellent service as well as quality trailers to keep John Mackirdy Ltd driving forward.  

4th generation Mackirdy at the helm, current MD John Mackirdy spoke with us about the service he receives from Gray & Adams. 

John tells us of the point he became aware of Gray & Adams, 

“When we first began to service the supermarkets, there became a need within the business to operate temperature-controlled trailers, but I knew I was looking for something bespoke. I was at a trade show and spoke to a competitor of Gray & Adams and told the salesman I was looking for a tri axle trailer, twin evaporators with a tail lift and the salesman told me that wasn’t what I wanted. The next stand at the same trade show I visited was Gray & Adams and when I presented my request to them, I was met with an enthusiastic response. When the first bespoke trailer was built and delivered to me, I was so impressed with it I immediately ordered another one! The service has always been first class and the team always deliver on lead times.”

John then explained to us what factors were important when choosing to work with Gray & Adams, 

“We really value how innovative the team at Gray & Adams can be when helping us overcome any challenges in our operations. Coming from a small island population, the double decker trailers have been really valuable to our business as we are still able to commit to the same service level without purchasing further tractor units and recruiting from the mainland.”

John then tells us, 

“When considering purchasing a double decker trailer, we were given the use of a demonstrator. One of the main challenges here in Rothesay is our location, our drivers can either get to the mainland by ferry, or, an alternative route that takes our drivers under a low bridge, 16ft to be exact. I wanted to make sure before purchasing, that a double decker trailer would be able to take this alternative. It was close, but it did fit! However, we asked the sales team to lower the overall height on our order by 100mm, just to make sure! We always find that Gray & Adams are more than happy to accommodate these requests.

John also tells us that the relationship with Gray & Adams will continue when renewing and replacing his fleet.

John says,

“I wouldn’t go anywhere else, and I would always recommend them to any other haulier. The standard of service and quality of the build is first class and long may the relationship continue.” 


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