Development Pathways at Gray & Adams

At Gray & Adams, we understand the importance of nurturing emerging talent and attracting young people to the industry to continue the success of the long-standing business. We are also committed to providing development opportunities and training to our existing employees, encouraging them to fulfil their potential.

In May 2023 there were 3 employees under the age of 21 at our Dunfermline Depot. This number has now increased to 16, growing by 80% in the last year, and forming 20% of the total staff at Dunfermline.

To facilitate this growth, Gray & Adams, Dunfermline, internally advertised new positions of ‘Team Leader’ with an objective of creating a structure, to assist with the development of the young people. The Team Leaders have mentored the youngsters teaching the basics upon starting with the company, developing their tool skills, and learning the different processes and procedures they should follow.

The strategically placed team leaders have found that their personal development has improved due to the exposure and responsibility they would not have had previously. By opening new doors for these employees and giving them new responsibilities, they can see new developmental opportunities for personal and professional growth within Gray & Adams.

Gray & Adams is focused on continuous development within the company and has an ethos of developing and supporting their people throughout their careers. Gray & Adams provide support to employees looking to grow and develop, and as such four employees from the Dunfermline depot have achieved Level Three ILM (Institute of Leadership & Management) qualifications. We would like to congratulate Christopher Ireland (Stores Manager), Sean Byron (Trainee Manager), Mark McKinnon (Trainee Manager) and Kimberley Berry (HSEQ Manager) on their achievement.

“Gray & Adams has a history of providing opportunities for people to develop and gain promotion from within the business. The team leaders have brought experience and passion to their roles, which could be pathways to succession in the future.”

Derek Murray, General Manager, Dunfermline