Case Study: Delivering unique height double decks for Farmlay Eggs

Case Study: Delivering unique height double decks for Farmlay Eggs

The customer problem

Farmlay Eggs was experiencing unloading issues at some Retail Distribution Centres due to the height of its double deck trailers – causing delays getting tipped and were therefore losing time and efficiency and were sometimes behind on their delivery schedule as a result. The brief to us was therefore straightforward; to design a trailer with the same capacity as before, for 54 pallets, but reduce the height to fit under the gantries at standard loading bays to be able to get in and out of loading bays as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our innovation

Our standard double deck trailers have significant impact on the customer’s environmental footprint reducing vehicle miles and movements. However, this double deck was particularly innovative because it was designed to be at a lower height at the rear of the trailer whilst maintaining a full capacity load of 54 euro pallets – 52 pallets at a standard height and two pallets at a lower height to get under the gantries at RDC’s.

What our customer says

“The resulting trailer provided us with a custom built solution to enable us to deliver more eggs using the same lorry and the same driver. As we are four hours away from almost all our key customers, this has provided significant savings in fuel and as a result our cost per dozen has come down. The service we have received from Gray & Adams has been first class, it was obvious a lot of work went into the design and engineering of this trailer to provide us with an innovative solution and throughout the process they couldn’t do enough to help us. As a result we have a trailer that is of brilliant quality and meets our needs as a business, in turn, helping us to deliver for our customers.”

– Iain Chapman, Director, Farmlay Eggs