Fleet Engineer 2023 Sponsored by Gray & Adams

The Gray & Adams name is synonymous with innovation so we were delighted to be a gold sponsor for the 2023 Fleet Engineer conference at the British Motor Museum.

The focus of the Fleet Engineer conference this year was on the developments in brakes, steering and suspension; addressing the fundamentals of today’s issues; looking at current and future developments (aligned to ADAS and autonomy); and exploring what these enhancements will mean to the maintenance regime for operators.

Phil Lloyd, Logistics UK’s Head of Engineering Policy, chairman of the conference comments,

“Keeping up to date with the developments of modern vehicle technology is becoming increasingly challenging for commercial vehicle engineers – and there is more to come as technology continues to advance at a rapid rate.  Logistics UK’s Fleet Engineer event is designed to provide operators and their maintenance providers with all the information they need to keep modern fleets compliant, as well as sharing insight into the future of vehicle design and autonomous driving.  The event is a must-attend for anyone with responsibility for specifying commercial vehicles, ensuring roadworthiness, compliance and/or maintaining vehicles”.

The one-day conference included expert insight from manufacturers, industry leaders and government, and included sessions by Traffic Commissioner Kevin Rooney, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

There were sessions on:

  • Vehicle safety in an autonomous world
  • Maintenance – a traffic commissioner’s view
  • Developments in brakes, steering and suspension aligned to ADAS and autonomy
  • The art of braking
  • Maintaining in-service standards
  • Maintaining traction
  • Who’s accountable when it all goes wrong?
  • Maintaining compliance – DVSA view

Ian Smith IEng, FSOE, FIRTE, FIMI, AAE, Group Engineering Manager at Gray & Adams said of the event,

“Gray and Adams welcomed the opportunity to support the Logistics UK Fleet Engineer Conference as it also provides an opportunity for us to remain aligned with and understand the real-time issues faced by our customers in road transport operations. Whilst G&A are at the forefront of including modern vehicle technology and processes in our designs and applications, it is also important to be able to keep abreast of upcoming legislative changes and concerns that may affect our products.”