Gray & Adams bolster reputation within commercial game industry

Gray & Adams stand-alone game larders are specifically designed for the storage of game in the commercial game supplying industry and are suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Because, in-skin and skinned carcasses must be separated to avoid contamination within the storage area, the larders usually contain two compartments. This consists of a preparation area and a chilled storage area, which can take between 20 and 30 carcasses. The entrance to the larder leads into the preparation area and a separate exit door is through the rear of the chilled section. This complies with health and safety legislation which states that hung game cannot be brought back through the preparation area.

The Gray & Adams game larder is also bespoke-designed to suit individual requirements. Mattias Schøler Pedersen, Headkeeper at Dalchonzie & Glenbeich Estate in Perthshire – both locations that have Gray & Adams’ game larders – said of the product,

“We chose to work with Gray & Adams because of their reputation for quality and because they build bespoke to our needs. For both Dalchonzie and Glenbeich, which are big forestry estates in Scotland, our game larders are positioned inside other buildings; therefore we had very clear specifications for a tailored solution to fit our space.

As with the other refrigerated storage options from Gray & Adams, game larders are very rigorously designed to incorporate all relevant health and safety features to comply with UK food storage legislation.

Mattias continues,

“We have also successfully taken delivery of a game larder to one of our estates in Denmark, which is built to the same specification, whilst meeting Scandinavian regulatory requirements, and is equally impressive. The flexibility and ease of operation of this product is what makes it such a pleasure to use. On all of our estates, we require a high level of quality in order to meet and exceed quality assurance standards, which this product delivers exceptionally well for us.”

The preparation area includes a sink with hot and cold-water taps. The cold water is connected to the mains supply and hot water is supplied through a water heater. In this compartment, there is a separate infrared operation hand-washing basin and stainless steel cutting tables, along with a winch for lifting game. Meat rails for hanging carcasses run through from the front to the rear. An insulated bulkhead and door separates the compartments and the rear of the larder is refrigerated for storing the game on meat rails at the appropriate temperature.

Like the Gray & Adams cold store, game larders are built using the same five-element panels that are used in the Gray & Adams trailers which are designed for the rigours of everyday use in harsh environments.

Other health and safety features, such as non-slip floors, knee operated tap, infrared knife steriliser, insectocutors and internal lighting systems are also included and are designed for ease of operation, low maintenance and easy cleaning.

Mattias added,

“Gray & Adams’ customer service across all three of our game larder purchases has been exceptional. They are responsive, collaborative, open to feedback and always happy to help us solve any issues or challenges we may have with the product.  Our relationship is excellent and their aftersales customer care is second to none – we can’t recommend their product and service highly enough!”