The Gray & Adams Commitment to Quality

“As we move into the Spring and Summer months, we look forward to a very busy period of the year. Quality is important to the Gray & Adams group because we value our customers. We strive to provide our customers with the best possible product, the exact specification that they ask for and provide the service they have come to expect.

External audit results over the last 12 months for the group have proved to be very positive and we continue to be fully committed to our Quality certification, ISO 9001:2015. Gray & Adams continue to work hard to ensure we not only achieve the required results but to keep on improving on every aspect of the business.

Everybody shares the responsibility for setting the standard and it’s a huge asset to the business just how accountable everyone is for ensuring that we maintain our certification and deliver the quality of product to the customer. It is very much a team effort!

Throughout the group, we work closely with our apprentices and employees, and over the last few months we have invested and built a new training centre at our head office. As a business, we are fully committed to developing all our staff and providing opportunities for them to progress, improve their skills and workmanship, and taking the company forward.

Across the group, we are consistently and regularly reviewing build manual procedures, training records and company policies which are critical to the running of the business and help keep us at the forefront of innovation.

The Gray & Adams profile is now higher than it has ever been and one of our objectives is to make sure we stay at the top for many years to come.”

Group Quality Manager, David Smith