Gray & Adams (Ireland): Delivering for Henderson Group for 35 years

Belfast-based retail grocery giant, Henderson Group, has a long-standing relationship with Gray & Adams (Ireland), with its very first order being placed in 1983.

Since then Gray & Adams has provided supply, repairs and maintenance services to Henderson Group and have developed a long-term partnership built on an in-depth understanding of its business needs and a responsive, customer-centric service.

With a sales growth in excess of 12% last year alone, Henderson Group has been going from strength to strength and is keen to optimise every aspect of its business to offer impeccable customer experiences from every part of the group – from Henderson Wholesale to Henderson Retail, Henderson Foodservice and Henderson Group Property.

Part of this mammoth undertaking is a large fleet of bespoke refrigerated trailers, which Gray & Adams design, build and maintain. With sustainability, noise reduction and safety as paramount, Henderson Group relies on the technical expertise, engineering and best-in-class innovation that Gray & Adams provides.

Alan Abraham, Logistics Manager at Henderson Group, said:

“As an environmentally responsible organisation, Henderson Group requires clear consideration to sustainability in our fleet of refrigerated trailers. Gray & Adams designed and built our Double Decks which offer more capacity for our roll cages. The inclusion of built-in safety cameras enables us to ensure safety is at the forefront of our thinking.

“To ensure we reduce impact on the local communities we work in, Gray & Adams has ensured noise reduction on our fridges, as minimising noise pollution is important to both us and our customers.”

Having worked together over many years, it is clear that having a local partnership allows for strong face-to-face relationships to have become more and more valuable through the years.

Alan continues,

“Gray & Adams knows the heartbeat of our service and can offer suggestions for continuous improvements in our fleet. With the trust we have in each other, we have a culture of respectful challenge and a shared focus on customer service. This combination of engineering excellence and in-depth knowledge of our business ensures our fleet is continually improving and moving forward.

“As a 24/7 time-critical operation, we know that Gray & Adams’ ongoing support is there when we need it most and even if things don’t go to plan, their responsive service and ability to recover is built into their ethos.

“The longevity of our relationship speaks to how important the partnership is. Gray & Adams’ track record creates confidence across our team that they will deliver for us, time and time again.”