Gray & Adams officially opens new and improved car shop facilities.

As Gray & Adams started its long life as a car body shop repairer in Fraserburgh, the business has always been passionate about ensuring its original roots remain an important part of the business and service offering.

As such, the team at Gray & Adams has been working behind the scenes to update the facilities and equipment for the department and is now delighted to announce that we are open and ready for business.

The previous car body shop was 780 square meters and we have now extended it to 1500 square meters to further enhance our capabilities.

The other equipment that has been added includes two new car paint booths, one commercial paint booth, a chassis straightening jig which can be used on trailers up to 14m long as well as other vehicles, a Hunter four wheel alignment machine and an advanced driver assistance calibration tool.

As well as the additions of the equipment, we have also ensured that we have a knowledgeable team ready to assist our customers. In the body and car repair shop, we currently have a team of 19 as well as an apprentice painter and an apprentice panel beater.

As with all our teams in Gray & Adams, we are fortunate to have a number of long serving members of staff that work with us and they attended the official opening of the car shop. These include Kenny Urquart, who is celebrating 30 years’ service, John Marshall, celebrating 47 years’ service, Peter Gray who is celebrating 50 years after starting with the business in 1973 and finally, Darren Hanton, the current car shop manager who has been with the team 15 years after starting in 2008.

We were also delighted to welcome former employees to see the upgraded facilities, including our ex-car shop manager, Bill May who worked with us from 1962 -2001(39 years’ service) and Derek Watt who worked for Gray & Adams from 1967 -2009 (42 years’ service).

With the official opening of the upgrades, Peter Gray shares,

“We are delighted to announce the opening of the extended car shop and we are looking forward to welcoming our valued customers from members of the public to our existing commercial contracts. We have long serving members of staff who are ready to put their knowledge and expertise to use and we also have a couple of apprentices within the team whose development will futureproof this side of the business for years to come.”