Spotlight on our Welders

Having worked hard to achieve a reputation for quality, innovation, and first-class customer service, we place a very important emphasis on only attracting and retaining specialist and talented individuals.

Our people are the key to our success and with this in mind, it is important to ensure that we invest in the best on-site facilities, training and upskilling of our teams, where possible. An important area of our production business is the teams of multi-disciplined welders that we employ across our depots.

Welders play a key part in bringing a Gray & Adams trailer from a concept drawing to real life and have a deep commitment to quality. Welding is a sought-after skillset across multiple industries and as such, we are actively recruiting to find more of these experienced individuals across all our depots. We also provide a robust apprenticeship in welding for our young people who wish to start fruitful careers with Gray & Adams.

With a focus on good teamwork skills, we have a number of areas across our business that require welding expertise. To give more insight into the types of work our teams do, we caught up with some of our existing team based in Fraserburgh.

Gray & Adams have various welding departments focusing on different aspects of the trailer manufacturing process. The three main welding types used are MIG, TIG and SAW:


MIG – Gas Metal Arc Welding

TIG – Gas Tungsten Arc Welding

SAW – Submerged Arc Welding


There is also an onsite training department, focusing on everything from the basic weld types to more advanced techniques, machine settings / safety and weld theory.

Let’s meet the managers and find out what their respective departments are producing.


Gavin Cruickshank, Chassis Department:

Gavin is the General Manager and oversees the production of the trailer chassis for Twin Frame and Twin Deck trailers, utilising the MIG welding process for most stages of the build.

The department also uses a SAW Beam Welding Robot to manufacture the major beams, the main component of any chassis.


Jamie Tait, Steel Fabrication:

All material components required in the chassis build process are cut and folded here. Mainly comprised of Steel, the components are produced using Plasma cutting and Press Brake machines.


Glen Gibson, Body Weld / Stainless Steel Department:

Glen manages the S/S build components used in the manufacturing process, which are cut and folded in the department using a Laser Cutter, Guillotine and Press Brake machines. MIG & TIG are used to weld Stainless Steel components.

Rear frames are the main production item, along with various internal brackets, Header panels and Bulkhead frames, depending on the trailer specifications.


Geoff Urquhart, Panel Welding:

Geoff is responsible for the production of Moving Bulkhead frames and substrate beams used in roofs, floors and sidewall panels. MIG welding is the process used in producing these build components.


Kevin Cameron, Sub-Assembly:

Kevin’s department produces and assembles Dry Freight Lifting Floors using MIG welding. Other components used in Tail Lifts are also produced here.

MIG-TRACK welding is employed for the welding of alloy treadplate and interior kick plate angles.


Mark West & Dale Alan:

Mark manages the Twin Frame chassis side of the department, with Dale managing the Twin Deck side. Chassis are produced on bespoke building jigs which can be adjusted to accommodate the many different builds that G&A offer.


The nature of Gray & Adams production values, based on customer needs, means these departments are adaptive and flexible in their procedures. There are many varied components produced at any given time and teamwork is key to providing the results necessary for the level of quality we strive to achieve.

We are always on the lookout for new innovations in the welding process, which can be integrated into our procedures to aid/streamline the job at hand.