Highland and Gray & Adams fight trailer corrosion

The move follows concerns expressed by two of Gray & Adams’ top customers – Marks & Spencer and Tesco –about deterioration of trailer chassis in the highlands.

Paul McCafferty, sales and marketing director at Highland, suggests that conventional chassis are too complex to be galvanised easily. However, the partners’ new 13.6m x 2.5m double-deck unit comprises six galvanised sections, bolted together.

McCafferty also makes the point that, because it is a twin-deck chassis, greater loads can be carried with one truck. He claims that savings of £37,500 and 25 tonnes of CO2 per year are possible, assuming average HGV mileage and £1 per litre of diesel.

“The hot dip galvanising process out-performs even expensive paint jobs,” insists McCafferty. “This type of coating can give over 75 years’ corrosion protection to steel, so is perfect for these trucks.”