Innovation Through Collaboration: Gray & Adams and Sunswap


Sunswap is an emerging business, based in London, that Gray & Adams have recently welcomed into their customer base. Through their ethos of innovation, the team at Sunswap have a mission they have focused on since their inception in January 2020; to decarbonise the cold chain. 

We recently caught up with co-founders, Andrew Sucis (COO) and Michael Lowe (CEO) to discuss Sunswap, its objectives and how collaborative working with Gray & Adams is helping it achieve its goals.  

The decarbonisation mission

Established in early 2020, Sunswap has already achieved tangible goals as a business, growing from 3 Co-founders and an idea, to 10 full time staff within the space of two years. The business positions itself as a developer of the next generation of transport refrigeration, by providing the first viable zero-emission alternative to diesel powered systems. 

Sunswap needed to align itself with partners and suppliers who could provide flexibility as well as having innovation built into their values, so they approached the team at Gray & Adams. 

Michael tells us,

“Our goal is to decarbonise the cold chain, with a primary market focus on trailer mounted refrigeration. In order to help us achieve a viable commercial product within an ambitious timeframe, we approached a variety of refrigerated trailer manufacturers. Ultimately, we chose to move forward with Gray & Adams due to their flexibility and their ability to achieve the turnaround we required, despite challenging market conditions.” 

He adds,

“The collaborative working approach from the Gray & Adams team was invaluable to us. As Sunswap is developing zero-emission transport refrigeration products that use solar power and battery technology, we needed open communication with the engineering team at Gray & Adams to ensure the uplift of the TRU went smoothly. The small details were important to get right to guarantee we had a quality product, fit for trial in 2022. The expertise of the team at Gray & Adams is second to none and we are proud to now have a product that we will begin deploying with customers in February.”  

Solutions focused

Sunswap has ambitious growth plans within the next year, where it will be getting ready for production on the back of successful customer deployments as well as doubling the team size.

Co-founder, Andrew shares his thoughts with us on this,

“It’s been a very productive 2 years for us and we are now starting to ramp up for the next phase of our product development, therefore we had to choose a trailer supplier with the ability to meet our needs without long lead times. We’ve found Gray & Adams to be solutions-focused and proactive in their approach to the Sunswap project.
For example, we knew the trailer had to be appropriate for the UK and European markets. Gray & Adams quickly provided a range of solutions that allowed us to ensure we were fit for both markets, without impacting on delivery dates.” 

Building a lifetime of value 

When commenting on the service they have received from Gray & Adams, both Michael and Andrew confirmed that they hope this will be the start of a mutually beneficial, long-term relationship. 

Andrew confirms, 

“We are now looking to work with Gray & Adams again with the purchase of our next multi temperature trailer and we look forward to exploring other ideas we have to service smaller vehicles going forward.” 

For further information on Sunswap Ltd, please visit