Calvin Morrice – Leaving Message

It is hard to believe that I started my journey with Gray & Adams nearly twenty years ago, and I often ask myself where did that time go? Looking back to when I first started, my goal was to build a team around me who were better in every aspect of the business than I could ever be and to allow each individual the freedom to perform their role with minimum interference from myself. My dear old Dad used to describe this as “being the conductor does not mean you must be proficient in playing all the instruments”.

It has been a privilege for me to have worked alongside the Team at Gray & Adams Dunfermline during both good and difficult times, and there have been no fewer challenging times than the previous 2 years! I count myself very fortunate to have shared a significant part of my life with you all and hope that the friendships I have with many of you will continue as I take on new challenges for myself.

To my colleagues and friends in Doncaster, Fraserburgh and Newtownabbey, I wish to thank you for sharing with me your knowledge and advice over my years with Gray & Adams. We have sometimes shared different points of view, resulting in the odd disagreement and argument, but these moments seldom lasted longer that the next conversation. There is considerable talent within each of the depots and when used effectively, there is no question in my mind that Gray & Adams have an industry leading team that can overcome challenges that will inevitably come along.

For the Customers, Suppliers and Contractors I have worked with over my career with Gray & Adams, I offer you my genuine gratitude in allowing me to be a small part of your business life and in many cases your personal lives too. I have numerous memories, to many to mention, that will keep me smiling in the coming years. Starting a new chapter unfortunately means that the previous one has to end but I sincerely hope that my many friendships will continue.

To my employers, thank you for the faith you had in my abilities and for the opportunities you have provided me with over my employment with Gray & Adams. I leave knowing that I have done my best for the business, and I wish Gray & Adams prosperity for the future.

Last and by no means least, thank you to my family for being my anchor over this incredible journey. Without your relentless support and understanding, my work life would have been much harder and I hope that the many hours and days I have missed over the years by not being with you can now start to be settled up.

As I prepare to depart from Gray & Adams, I am sad to say goodbye. Many of you have been a huge part of my daily life and I will miss you. At the same time, I am eager to begin my new chapter and trust that our friendships will remain and that we will keep in touch.