NewCold Case Study


Gray & Adams customer, NewCold is a cold storage company and a leader in developing and operating highly automated cold stores, in the UK and around the World. NewCold is the fastest growing specialist in automated cold storage, with world-class and energy efficient systems, making it stand out from conventional cold storage companies. 

NewCold has a global network with 11 locations on three continents. In total, NewCold offers over 927,000 pallet capacity and has a global team of around 1,200 employees. 

In 2019, Gray & Adams developed ‘The Pod’. The Pod is an auto-loading freezer pod, built inside a 15.6m refrigerated body with a 60 pallet capacity that holds produce at minus 25 degrees Celsius which was well received by Tom Cassells at NewCold. Following this innovation, the business has once again looked to Gray & Adams for an automated solution that fits in with the sustainable requirements for the business. 


The Objective

NewCold is leading the way in the UK for automation in the food and cold chain sectors, something which is common across Europe. With various industries across Europe feeling the squeeze of a labour shortage, it is important for business to find solutions around this that will alleviate recruitment pressures in depots for manual jobs such as loading and unloading. NewCold approached Gray & Adams discussed building an addition to the fleet that would be in line with this strategy and ethos.  


The Solution

Building on the success of the first automated loading trailer, NewCold have once again looked to Gray & Adams to build a 13.6m Tri-axle trailer that boasts the efficient loading capabilities of 26 pallets in 7 minutes. The automated loading system brings benefits such as increased efficiency and enhanced safety for staff as they are no longer required to enter the trailer to load product.

One of the key features is that the 13.6m trailer were also built with Carrier’s Vector eCool technology. 


The Result

The automated loading system combined with eCool technology will bring significant strategic benefits to NewCold and their customers. The solution that Gray & Adams has provided to NewCold allows the business to further build on their sustainability targets, an ever more important aspect in our industry with changing legislation and political climate. 

These trailers present a significant engineering challenge to Gray & Adams in that they have to integrate into an already complex cold chain environment where loading margins are incredibly precise. 

Incorporating this trailer into their fleet ensures that NewCold continue to run efficient, safe and modern operations in an even more environmentally sustainable way, whilst delivering cost saving on fuel to the business.


Our Customer Says

“Having worked with Gray & Adams on our fleet over the last few years, we knew that their engineering expertise and innovative approach would be the perfect fit for our auto- loading ambitions. We challenged them to work closely with Joloda, the manufacturer of the automated system and the architects working on our new Corby facility to ensure full compatibility of all systems. We are delighted with the service we receive from the team at Gray & Adams and the quality of their products” 

Tom Cassells 

Logistics Advisor, NewCold Logistics