Retirement Spotlight— Murray Littlejohn

Gray & Adams said goodbye to long-serving employee Murray Littlejohn on the 29th March 2024. Murray was based at our Fraserburgh HQ and has worked for Gray & Adams for the last 34 and a half years. We caught up with Murray just after his retirement to find out more about what he will miss about working for Gray & Adams and what he is looking forward to as he enters this new chapter.

What was your role at Gray & Adams and what were your day to day responsibilities?

I started as a Forklift Driver then went on to be in charge of transport for delivery. I was organising the delivery of trailers from the factory to the customer. I managed the shunting of trailers in the yard.

Two years ago, I moved down to a three day week where my role changed and I was doing whatever jobs needed to be done, driving the forklifts and doing odd jobs.

What did you do before you came to Gray & Adams and why did you want to work for the company?

I worked at a farm before I came to Gray & Adams and asked James for a job. I told James that coming from the farm, I wouldn’t like working inside, James let me know they didn’t have any jobs at that time but if any forklift jobs became available he would give me a chance. I worked elsewhere for 6 months until James called and offered me the job.

What did you enjoy most about working for Gray & Adams?

Gray & Adams was a good company to work for, I enjoyed that you could speak to the owners of the company. Jim Gray, the founder was a really nice man, I spoke to him like I’d speak to anyone, same as James, Peter and Lewis. I worked with a really good team during my time at Gray & Adams, the drivers and shunting team that worked with me are all good guys.

Over the years I thought it was great to see how the company always grew and developed. In the time I was there, the back gates moved three different times to accommodate for the growing facilities. It was always interesting to see what the next stage would be and watch the company’s growth. This growth coming from Gray & Adams being a mass employer in the Fraserburgh area, providing lots of employment to local and neighbouring communities.

What are your plans for retirement?

I’ve got some vintage tractors that I like to potter around with, and I am helping my brother-in-law out with little jobs here and there. My grandchildren will also keep me busy I’m sure with jobs they need done.

We do have a caravan too so I would like to find some time to go away. We enjoy heading down towards Yorkshire and enjoy visiting Thirsk so I would like to go there soon for a trip.

I will not be a stranger at Gray & Adams and wish the company all the best. I look forward to seeing how the company grows over time.

James and Peter Gray would like to thank Murray for his commitment to the company and wish him all the best in his retirement going forward.