A recipe for carbon busting success with Reynolds

Reynolds has built a strong relationship with Gray & Adams, utilising their industry-leading expertise to evolve a growing fleet using the latest innovations, with a clear focus on safety and the environment.

The brief to Gray & Adams was therefore for a safe, efficient, sustainable innovation to add further impact and value to their trailer design, as part of a drive for continuous improvement on their fleet.

Our Innovation

Gray and Adams worked in close partnership with both Reynolds and Electra Commercial Vehicles, to create an exciting new design for a carbon-busting, electric urban trailer.

The fully electric, sustainable trailer features a solar panel roof, nearside and offside doors, side scanning systems, Banksman lights and safety features such as hazard lights when deploying side steps.

As this new vehicle is almost silent in operation, Reynolds can confidently deliver at night in built up areas with a much-reduced chance of disturbing the local communities they operate in.

 What Our Customer Says

“We’re always looking for what we can do differently and what we can do better. At Reynolds, we value innovation and we are always looking to showcase industry best practice in our fleet. Gray & Adams help us to realise our ambition, by providing quality product we can trust, with aftersales care better than anyone else in the trailer business.

“As industry leaders, Gray & Adams provide exemplary engineering excellence and aftersales care. Nothing is ever too much trouble for the team and they always find a solution to any challenge.” – Steve White, Fleet Management Consultant, Reynolds