Spotlight on the Operations Team at Doncaster

Having worked hard to achieve a reputation for quality, innovation, and first-class customer service, we place a very important emphasis on the standard and collaboration of our teams. As the lifeblood of Gray & Adams, we ensure to only attract and retain the best people across the industry.

As one of our main new build depots, Doncaster’s operation team plays a pivotal role in pulling a multi-disciplined team together to produce a superior quality produce, that meets tight deadlines and high customer expectations.

In this article, Scott Sherwin, Operation’s Co-ordinator shares a typical day in the life of the departments that are involved.

He tells us,

“A typical day involves the five areas of new build production managing their

teams, working from drawings and specification sheets to carry out tasks

related to their part of the build and carrying out in-line inspections within

their departments. It’s important to communicate their progress with the other

team to aid the flow of production through the workshops.”


The main people involved in the process are;

– –

Gary Burns (Line Manager—Fabrication/Assembly)

30 years’ service at Gray & Adams.

Slawomir Kosmecki (Line Manager—Panel Assembly /Assembly)

19 years’ service at Gray & Adams.

Gary and Slawomir oversee every part of the assembly process which includes the build team, door section and sub frame department.

– –

Carl Collier (Line Manager—Electrical )

21 years’ service at Gray & Adams.

Carl oversees the electrical department which is extremely demanding given the new technology which is introduced every year.

– –

Andrew Lewin (Line Manager—completion shop 1)

22 years’ service at Gray & Adams.

Paul Lewin (Line Manager—completion shop 2)

22 years’ service at Gray & Adams.

Andy and Paul run our two completion shops. Between the two of them, they oversee the completion of our diverse range of builds which include Trailers, rigid vehicles, home delivery vans and cold store/blast freezers.

– –

“The biggest achievement we have had is the smoothness and efficiency of the five departments working closely together as one team, adapting to a fast-paced, ever-changing production environment, while still maintaining a high standard of build, despite the challenging market conditions with various changes in the supply chain. It is always our goal to surpass customer expectations and continue to produce solutions to the quality that Gray & Adams can be proud of.”

– Scott Sherwin, Operation’s Co-ordinator


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