Staff Spotlight: Daniel Plumridge

In this edition of our staff spotlight, we speak with Daniel Plumridge who has been working with Gray & Adams for 25 Years.

How long have you been working with Gray & Adams and what is your day-to-day role?

I work in the Doncaster depot, and I have just recently celebrated my 25th anniversary of working with Gray & Adams. I currently work in the drawing office and also have health and safety responsibilities for the Doncaster depot. My day-to-day responsibilities include providing drawings for customer builds and liaising with all the teams involved from the sales team to the engineering team to make sure that everything has been interpreted correctly.

What attracted you to the company initially?

I started at Gray & Adams when I was 16 after seeing an advert in my school careers board. As a local young person, I thought it would be a great opportunity. I initially started on the shop floor just jet washing vehicles and trailers but then I got the opportunity to work in the parts department where I learned a lot more about how the trailers are built, before moving into my current role in the drawing office.

Tell us about your greatest achievement whilst working for Gray & Adams

For me, it’s just being able to learn so much and apply the learning to my everyday job. I came into the business with no formal qualifications or training so it’s great to be able to look back and see everything that you have learned and growing with the business.

What innovation impresses you the most and why?

It’s more the quality and the longevity of the trailers that I find really impressive. We sometimes see trailers that come in for repair that are 15-20 years old, and they still look great and operate efficiently.

If you could do someone else’s job (at Gray & Adams) for the day, whose would it be and why?

I’m quite happy in my current job, I enjoy it and I get on with the team here.

What is the best thing about working for Gray & Adams?

As I’ve been here for 25 years, I can say that Gray & Adams look after their staff, and everyone gets on really well. I still work with people that were here when I first started, and we often chat about how things change and have progressed over the years.