Supplier spotlight: BPW

BPW, whilst still a family owned business, prides itself on being a dependable international mobility and system partner for the transport industry, serving as a one-stop shop for innovative solutions across over 70 subsidiaries across the world.

What products and services do you offer to Gray & Adams?

Our portfolio includes axles, suspension systems and brake technologies (BPW), locking systems and bodywork technology (Hestal), lighting systems (Ermax), composite technologies (HBN-Teknik), and user-friendly telematics applications for trucks and trailers (Idem Telematics).

How long have you been working with Gray & Adams and what’s your experience of working as part of their supply chain?

BPW have been working with Gray & Adams since the company first set up a Leicester based operation 30 years ago to supply axles, suspensions and brake systems into the UK. Gray & Adams was one of the first manufacturers in the UK to fit the Idem Telematics solution to a trailer. BPW have always respected, and shared, the Gray & Adams philosophy of supplying quality and well-engineered products into the demanding UK commercial vehicle transport industry.

What are the key opportunities and challenges in the industry in 2019 from BPW’s perspective?

There are many shadows being cast on the transport industry, with growing skills and driver shortages, as well as challenges presented by the ever-changing and uncertain political environment, and new factors affecting customer buying behaviour such as environmental concerns.

What’s on the horizon for BPW in the coming months?

With a drive for continuous improvement, BPW has recently launched the new ECO Air axle and suspension, featuring patented laser etching technology, into the UK market. This will shortly be followed by the new BPW TS2 disc brake caliper, which offers advantages in weight reduction.

In this constantly changing market BPW are always looking to adapt, with initiatives such as a new cooperation with the Glasgow Training Group to give greater availability to BPW axle maintenance training to Scotland. Additionally BPW are also investing in their assembly plant in the UK to increase the level of manufacturing, ensuring continued supply chain reliability and flexibility. With the increasing move to electronic technology, BPW also continues its development of both electric drive axles and power regeneration.

Finally, your thoughts about the overall experience of working with the Gray & Adams team?

BPW values working with the whole Gray & Adams team, across many departments, with their common customer focus ethos and willingness to work together to progress. We hope that in the future we will continue to be able to work with them to find ever more efficient, smarter and innovative ways to exceed our customers’ expectations.