Supplier Spotlight: UPM

We spoke to Andrew Jackson, Sales Manager at UPM, about our two-decade long relationship with UPM. 

Q1. Who is UPM? 

UPM is driving a sustainable, innovation-driven, and exciting future. We create renewable solutions that replace fossil-based materials. Our products rely on renewable, sustainable and biodegradable raw resources to produce environmentally friendly and recyclable materials. We are advancing the bioeconomy. 

Q2. What products and services do you offer to Gray & Adams? 

We offer hardwearing and ecological plywood solutions to our partners in construction, transport and many other industries worldwide, and for more than 20 years we have been Gray & Adams main supplier for plywood, which they use for their vehicle construction. 

Q3. How long have you been working with Gray & Adams and what’s your experience of working as part of their supply chain? 

We have been working with Gray & Adams for over 20 years. I have found that both businesses value clear and honest communication and go the extra mile to maintain transparency. In the spirit of partnership, both are also incredibly understanding and flexible. For example, we had a fire in one of our facilities. This put our client delivery under pressure. Gray & Adams where extremely helpful and flexible however, which made managing the situation much easier. We have a close relationship built on trust and understanding. 

Q4. What are the key opportunities and challenges in the industry in 2020 from a UPM perspective? 

From our perspective the green agenda will be the biggest driving force in the industry. The mission will be not to remove but to reduce co2 emissions. The vehicle industry is an important part of the supply chain, this means it is here to stay. It can’t, however, stay in its current state.   

Q5How can Gray & Adams ensure even closer integration of their supply chain in the future? 

In all honesty they should just continue doing what they do. As a partner they bring open and honest communication. If you have that, it is very good foundation to build on. Everything grows from there.  

Q6. Finally, your thoughts about the overall experience of working with the Gray & Adams team? 

We have a very strong relationship, built upon trust. Both businesses can rely on each other fully. Our relationship has also been augmented by the fact that we share the same missions. We are both driven to innovate industries through new product development. We also share a core mission to become and help others become more sustainable and environmentally friendly.  

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