Welcoming our newest customer – Igloo and Gray & Adams 

Over the 65 years that Gray & Adams has been in business, we have developed strong customer relationships that have progressed into long-term partnerships. We are proud to work with some of the biggest names in distribution to support their success, however, it is also a key objective that we explore new partnerships with businesses our solutions can add value to.  
Our most recent customer that Gray & Adams have welcomed into the long list of valued businesses we work with is Igloo Thermo Logistics. Igloo offer refrigerated courier services to customers all over the UK and have a track record for exceptional service to businesses such as hotels, restaurants, and schools.  
On the back of their most recent fleet addition, two multi temp double-deck trailers from Gray & Adams, we spoke with Operations Director Leigh Ogley, about their latest investment. 
Leigh tells us, 
“This journey with Gray & Adams has been completely new to us as not only was this our first experience of purchasing a bespoke trailer, but we also have never had double decks in our business. Our normal process of developing our fleet would be that we would reach out to various leasing companies such as DawsonGroup but we identified the need for double decks in our business and we don’t traditionally see a lot of them in the rental market, so we decided we needed to take the plunge into purchasing our own asset.” 
He adds, 
“Igloo offer a next-day delivery service across chilled and frozen goods as our key customer value proposition, so any tactic that drives efficiency across our business is going to be welcomed. This was the main reason that we explored the option of purchasing two multi-temperature double decks. They have been implemented in our business to trunk products between our depots and the large size of the trailer has allowed us to create greater productivity in our operations. The fact that we can fit almost double the amount of product within one journey is a huge plus for Igloo, the learning curve has been training for operators to create a new loading procedure as we typically carry several types of products simultaneously, so weight distribution has been a consideration with the added height.” 
Gray & Adams believe that a strong commitment to customer service has been part of what has made our business so successful. The team are often praised for their responsiveness and support during the process, as well as the expert handling of aftersales careOn this Leigh tells us, 
“Working with Gray & Adams has been a great experience. As we are new to the purchase process, we had never had our own asset specially built but Gray & Adams didn’t overcomplicate things and it was smooth sailing. We didn’t feel that the process was more laborious than working with rental companies which made us feel comfortable in our investment’’.