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Bidfood NL delivers for The Dutch Food Bank

Having worked together for over a decade, Gray & Adams and Bidfood NL have a history of using innovative thinking to make a difference to both their customers and the communities in which they operate. Throughout the global covid-19 crisis, both businesses have been looking for ways to create value and positive local support. 

Bidfood NL has a long-standing relationship with the Dutch Food Bank, which provides food packages free of charge to those who cannot make ends meet financially. The donation of surplus food to hungry people supports both the wider community in need, and the environment.

Under ordinary circumstances, the Dutch Food Bank is run by volunteers, most of them retired, who sort and store donated food before it’s turned into parcels for customers. Additionally, volunteer drivers collect food donations and deliver weekly packages to those who need it. During the coronavirus outbreak these volunteers were not able to work, due to risk of infection.

Since March 2020, the Government in Holland applied lockdown rules across the country and, like many businesses across the world, Bidfood NL lost around 75% of its business overnight. The services of Bidfood NL’s trucks and drivers were put on hold due to the nationwide closure of restaurants and hotels. However, with innovation an integral part of its culture, Bidfood NL chose to find ways to ensure it could spread positivity and add value to those in need through innovative thinking and pivoting of services.

For example, in partnership with Next to Food, Bidfood NL has been supporting customers through ‘E-food’ software, which enables the set-up of an e-commerce website in just 24 hours. This allows food retailers to pivot their business service quickly and enable online food orders throughout lockdown.

As part of this drive to make things better throughout Covid-19, Bidfood NL considered that the surplus food at risk of going to waste in closed down establishments was enormous. The solution? Using their fleet and expert teams to collect and deliver surplus food from around the Netherlands to help customers to manage food waste, as well as supply the Dutch Food Banks with food for its growing consumer base during these difficult times.

“It was a triple win for Bidfood.” says Bart Penders, Transport Manager/Logistics Project Leader at Bidfood NL,

“The reduction of food waste, helping people in need and a role in making a positive difference, to both customers and local people. With commitment from our team, we were able to facilitate collection and delivery of the produce to food banks. We’re lucky to have a supportive team and fantastic customers who get behind our ideas and business decisions. In this way, Bidfood NL was able to secure and deliver a supply of food for the people in our communities who need it the most.”

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