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Built from scratch in 48 years: Alex Ritchie 

Alex Ritchie is leaving Gray & Adams after 48 years of service. We caught up with him to reflect on his time with us.

How long have you been working forGray& Adams and what is your role? 

I have been working here for 48 years, a lifetime! I have had various roles. When I started as anapprentice,I worked in teams building a whole trailer from scratch. We did everything from start to finish. Now we have departments handling each part of the process. It was a completely different job to any role available now, and one I found hugely satisfying. I took huge pride in saying I built that – all of that! My final and current job is working within the repairs team. This has been another amazing job. Every day is unique, and no two projects are never the same. The repair tasks are always different as are the vehicles. We will take in anyone’svehicle;I have repaired fire engines andcompetitors’trailers alongside our ownvehicles. I have enjoyed the variety. I have also enjoyed the problem solving –working with the incident or problem to find a solution that works for each individual situation.   

What attracted you to the company initially? 

I followed my friends, as a lotof my closest friendsworked for Gray & Adams.I am a local boy toFraserburgh,and I wanted to stay here. Themain industry in our local area is fishing and I didn’t fancy that, so it had to be Gray & Adams! 

Tell us about your greatest achievements whilst working forGray& Adams? 

It would have to be building timber frame trailers from start to finish. These were small vans, like a butcher’s delivery van. I did everything except the painting and could walk away saying I built that van.   

If you could do someone else’s job (atGray& Adams) for the day, whose would it be and why? 

I’dbe our Repairs Manager.I’dliketoexperiencewhat happens before the vehicles get to the workshop – A new angle on a job I have been doing for many years!  

What is the best thing about working forGray& Adams? 

The type of firmit is.Theycare for people.As a business they invest time and effort into each member of staff. They have timeforyourpersonallife and development.They are verysupportive of staff, that is for sure. 

What are your retirement plans? 

Holidays, timewith mygrandchildrenand golf. 

What advice would you give to someone joiningGray& Adams today? 

Showyourambition,thereareopportunities here foryou. If you are prepared to work hard, you will have no problems.You can also move uptheladderquickly -showyourpromiseand you will progress in this company.   

SumGray& Adams up in one word? 

Reliable.  We do it right at Gray & Adams and are very particular about the finished product.We always like things to be right – No question about that. 

Across your time at the company what things have changed the most? 

It isamassivebusinessnow.Thevolume of work and staffhave increased an incredible amount compared to when I started. The process is also different. We used to make each trailer from start to finish, we now have departments doing small parts of the build, as part of a bigger production line. The scale and efficiency of our work has been the biggest change I’ve seen. 


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