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Case Study: Oakland International

Oakland International is an award-winning integrated supply chain specialist, who offer a one-stop-shop for contract packing and food tempering solutions for both B2C and B2B markets.

Customer challenge

Oakland International has been established for over 20 years as a supply chain business, delivering packing and tempering solutions to its customers across a range of sectors. It is now pursuing a strategic decision to add distribution to their considerable offering. Due to its exceptional customer service and account management, this proposition is forecast for exponential growth.

Oakland International came to Gray & Adams for a fleet of trailers to service the demands of its new distribution solution. The new trailers needed to be of a premier build quality that could withstand the severity of the distribution chain, to ensure down time is minimised. For this reason, although price was a factor, the key driver of decision making was quality and trailers which are best-in-class.


In its first order with Gray & Adams, Oakland International commissioned 20 trailers. The Gray & Adams engineering team worked to define specifications for a tri-axel, 26 pallet, dual evaporation enabled trailer with an under-slung tail lift and multi-compartment temperature controls, which could unquestionably withstand the rigour of day-to-day operations and deliveries.


In line with the requirement for trailers that could handle the impact of their usage, without the need for down time, the Gray & Adams engineering team designed a fleet that is exceptionally durable. This ensures Oakland International will have bespoke products that offer a lifetime of value.

Working collaboratively

Oakland International and Gray & Adams have synergies in their values. Both are family businesses that treat all stakeholders with a long-term view. They also share the same sustainability aims, with both having a massive respect for the environment. Both also value a pragmatic and candid approach to decision making, which helps get the project completed.

Our customer says

“We won’t be looking around anywhere else whilst growing this new fleet. We will be returning to Gray & Adams to fulfil the whole plan. The longevity of product is exactly what we need and exactly what you pay for. Their build quality is best-in-class. To put it simply, things don’t tend to fall off Gray & Adams trailers – they are built so well. We are planning for them to become our long-term partners and look forward to building our relationship further.”

– Shaun Foley, Managing Director, Oakland International

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