Case Study: Turners of Soham

Turners of Soham’s reputation for providing professional and innovative supply chain solutions is based on extensive experience operating a fleet that travels throughout the United Kingdom and mainland Europe.

Long-term partnerships

Having worked together for 25 years, and as family firms, Turners (Soham) Ltd and Gray & Adams have a synergy across their values and a strong partnership built on integrity and trust. Turners of Soham knows that it can run Gray & Adams trailers for 10 – 15 years and, as a result, it orders over 50 trailers per year to sustain its 750-strong refrigerated fleet.

Setting the standard

The personal service created by the Gray & Adams business is no accident. Not just bespoke in its product delivery, Gray and Adams creates opportunity for its customers to transform ways of working through responsive service delivery which is tailored to the operational needs of every business they work with.

A relentless focus on continuous improvement, engineering expertise and a ‘can do’ approach recently ensured that Turners of Soham was firmly in the driving seat when it comes to innovation. A recent partnership between Turner’s of Soham and Cambridge University saw Gray & Adams build a new aerodynamic design for its fleet and take their creative vision to completion.

Additionally, Gray & Adams have developed a complete set of vehicle specifications across Turners of Soham’s diverse fleet, which is completely bespoke and optimised for the ever-changing needs of their business. These are reviewed regularly to ensure commitment to continuous improvement and a dynamic opportunity for Turners of Soham to access the very latest innovations.

A uniquely personal service

There is no-one in Gray & Adams who isn’t accessible to its customers, from the bottom to the top. The level of shared understanding of the Turners of Soham operation extends far beyond the day-to-day contacts and this detailed understanding across the whole Gray & Adams team allows for unparalleled customer service, no matter who the customer is talking to.

With people at the core of its business, the loyalty and longevity of the Gray & Adams team ensures continuity of service for its customers and, year on year, allows Turners of Soham to maintain the relationships which have been carefully built to last, like their products.

Our customer says

“The customer service we receive from Gray & Adams is exceptional. Not only do they take the time to truly understand every element of our business, they bend over backwards for us, time and time again.

For Turner’s of Soham, the difference is personal. They deliver a tailored all-round experience unlike anything else in the industry, which is consistent, open and responsive. Their careful evaluation of our needs, both current and for the future, alongside their flexible service and detailed knowledge of our business ensures that we get the perfect service every step of the way.“

Tim King, Group Fleet Engineer, Turners (Soham) Ltd

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