Murray Littlejohn

Staff Spotlight: Murray Littlejohn 

We caught up with Murray Littlejohn after 31 years of service with Gray & Adams.

Q1. How long have you been working for Gray & Adams and what is your role? 

I have been working here for31 years,having started in 1988. I am currently theTransport Co-ordinator and in charge ofgetting the trailers from the factory to the customer, on time and for when they need them. It’s a challenge that involves covering big distances as efficiently as possible.  

Q2. What attracted you to the company initially? 

I initially asked James Gray if there were any jobs going at Gray & Adams. He said yes but as a boy who had grown up working on farms, he insistedIwouldn’tenjoy working inside. He told me to wait andthathe would come back to me when an outside job was available.Sureenough, he did and I came on board as a Fork Lift Driver, working that job for ten years. The job is not lost to me though, as I still love a day on the forklift when I get the chance. 

Q3. Tell us about your greatest achievements whilst working for Gray & Adams 

Getting the finishedtrailerstothecustomerson timeand receiving emails to say thank you. We area big teamand I only play a small part ofthe end resultbut the consistency of on time delivery,and how this adds to customer satisfaction, is something I am really proud of.  

Q4. What current industry innovation impresses you the most and why? 

The doubledeckersare really impressive. Both in scale and efficiency – it meansless vehiclesonthe road and more product delivered at one time, which isalso better for environment. 

Q5. What current trends do you see making the biggest impact on the Industry? 

The size of trailerkeeps getting bigger. We are now at15.5 metreslong.These biggertrailers are great for delivery efficiency but are a bigger challenge in production and delivery. 

Q6. How do you ensure customer service excellence for our customers? 

The most important thing is a good mix of people, who are committed and work hard to get the jobs done on time. It makes a huge difference, and we do have a good team. 

Q7. If you could do someone else’s job (at Gray & Adams) for the day, whose would it be and why? 

I’d go back to the forklifts. When you are on the forklift you get to visit all departments and meet loads of people and see what is being done across the business. It is a great job! 

Q8. What is the best thing about working for Gray & Adams? 

The people. We have a great bunch of people. Everyone gets on. We call it the craic in Scotland – We laugh and joke, it is like a family really. You can speak and joke with anyone at any level in the business, from the Directors to the guys brushing the floor. 

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